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Allowing employees to shape in-house processes themselves has become essential for a company's success. Today's employees want to be involved and taken seriously. Modern intranets make this kind of collaboration possible.

File storage systems were yesterday! What digital companies need is vivid social collaboration.

Barriers of time and space are broken down thanks to digital collaboration. Employees don't need to sit at the same table to work together successfully. Interconnection opens brand new doors for modern work models.

Digital collaboration facilitates

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direct communication

With social media features, employees can communicate directly informally instead of writing long emails back and forth. They discover what they have in common and find experts for all of their questions.
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larger teams to be involved

Modern project work in virtual team rooms makes working together easier. Meetings are reduced, and innovative thinking and actions are fostered.
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flexibility and organization

The employee portal is the "digital home" of colleagues without a fixed time or place. In this way, it adjusts to the employees' circumstances instead of the other way round. This increases employee satisfaction and helps them identify with the company.
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rapid knowledge exchange

By providing information in the context of corporate communication, all employees are kept up to date. Departments can share their specialized knowledge with other departments easily.
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tailor-made workflows

Business processes repeated on a regular basis are modelled digitally in applications. Documents are managed centrally and are available conveniently and digitally. This saves time and increases productivity.
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data integration

Interfaces to other software programs enable you to integrate and provide external data. Switching from one insular solution to the other becomes a thing of the past.

Experience internal collaboration

Employees first!

Employees want to work in a dynamic environment - regardless of whether they are in the office, at home, on the train on a business trip, or working on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Companies need to meet these needs and create their digital workplace in such a way that it can be used with any end device and from any location.

The combination of ready-made software modules and open interfaces persuaded us to choose Intrexx. Our CariNet is accessible externally -  not just from within the Caritas network but also on smartphones, tablets or from home. This was very important to us. Intrexx provides us with everything we need for this.

Romana Scharfetter, IT Project Manager

Your solution: Digital collaboration with Intrexx

With Intrexx, you can create your individual solution for digital collaboration and tailor it to your needs - via drag & drop. Select your functions, put them together in the portal, done!

Find out more about Intrexx here

Intrexx Share, the collaboration application

With the Intrexx Share application, you can augment your digital workplace with the key feature of digital collaboration: social media. The out-of-the-box application, Intrexx Share, is ready-to-use in just a few clicks. That means you can already get started with digital collaboration tomorrow.

Find out more about Intrexx Share here

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